How to wear a maxi skirt? 5 ways (with video tutorial)

This is the first video tutorial I made for the blog. It is very exciting and scaring at the same time. I really hope the video will be well received.

Maxi skirt and petites have always had a love-hate relationship I think, saying from my own experience. We love to wear it and hate how hard it is to make it work.

I’ve discovered some basic rules that work all the time. Please check video for detail explanation. To avoid duplication, the post will be the brief information of the video.

Rule#1. Top: keep is simple, tight and tuck it in the skirt

Rule#2. Shoes: wear high heels. And cheat with the platform heels if you have to, like I do. I can’t stress enough how important it is. Personally being under 5″, I myself would never wear a maxi skirt with flats.

To sum up the do’s and don’ts

Here are 5 outfits that I’ve mixed using those rules. As usual, all of the clothes are from my fav boutique Jolie and Deen. In my opinion, they have the best material at the most affordable price (I am saying cheap) and small sizes for petites.

1. Abstract print maxi skirt with aqua top

The color coordination of this look is done according the chart below. Aqua top in hue area is used to bright up skirt in tone area.


2. Red maxi skirt + printed top with sequin collar

Since the top has quite busy print, I keep it simple with no accessorize


3. Red pink maxi skirt + neon lime top

Tip to choose statement color for a contrast-color outfit: choose one color of what you are having on as base color for the jewelry. This case I choose the bottom. So my bracelets have pink and orange base.


4. Lime maxi skirt + black vintage-look polka dot dress 

Great way to utilize more clothes in your wardrobe


5. Flower maxi skirt + long sleeve light blue dress

Feminine with character

I’d really appreciate positive and constructive feedbacks for the video from you guys. I know I have a lot to improve, please let know what you think.

Thank you guys.



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  1. S from Shamelessly Overdressed

    I love this post, Danielle! The do’s and don’ts are super helpful, and you are so adorable in the video. Keep up the awesome posts! :)

    Love, S

    • danielle

      Thanks S :-) This video took me so long to put it together. Hopefully it won’t take as long next time

  2. KT of

    Love this post Dani! I used to shy away from maxis ( a long time ago) because I thought it would overwhelm me but I love them now and could never get enough of maxis! I think my favorite is the maxi with the crop black sweetheart top. :)

    • danielle

      Thanks KT :-) I remember you have a post about a red maxi skirt. I love it so much, I even posted your photo on my FB page the day I saw it.

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