06.Video tutorial

Dress to run errands

In this video I will show you how I dress to run errands. The aim is to be flexible, comfortable while still look chic. My formula is: loose top
Video tutorial

Postnatal dressing for petite

Hi guys, Today I’d like to show you how I, a petite, do postnatal dressing. In the video, there are some tips that I use. I hope you find
01. Fashion/Style

Nude dress for wedding

Hi guys, It has been a while This is my first post after having a baby. Although it is fun to have a mini me, it’s a lot of
01. Fashion/Style

How to wear 1 top – 4 seasons

Hi guys, In today’s post, I will show you how I wear 1 top/dress for 4 different seasons. This is the top I own before being pregnant. It was
01. Fashion/Style

How to style 4 pieces of clothes into 7 looks (4 for 7 challenge)

Hi everyone,­ This is the first challenge that I create for myself on the blog. Meaning of the name: 4 for 7 means using for 4 pieces of clothes
01. Fashion/Style

what to wear when pregnant – Essential list of what you need

Today I am going to talk about pregnancy essentials. I have a list of items that I personally think any pregnant petite should have. If you are not petite,